According to the plaintiff Chris Ubosi, his company Megalectrics paid Rihanna $160,000 to perform a 65-minute set with Jay Z.


A woman who says she dated Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose for 2 years is now suing him behind accusations that he drugged and gang raped her back in 2013. The woman, who has been identified only as “Jane Doe” thus far, is making some very explosive claims implicating Derrick Rose in several incidents leading […]

What in the heck is going on here! According to TMZ, Vernon Charles Allen Merriweather says he ordered Oprah’s Chai Tea last Fall in Buffalo, NY. While waiting on his order, he just so happened to notice that the staff added; hallucinogenics, heroin and Ambien to his drink. Or at least that’s what it says in […]

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  Ohh boy…this is going to go over like a ton of lead bricks with the party promotion community! According to TMZ, a man who got shot at a BET Awards after party claims the club, Viacom and BET employed negligent security people at the event and he is now suing them as a result of it. In […]

Celebrity News

TMZ reports that singer Usher is being sued by three guys for allegedly ripping off a song they wrote called “Caught Up”. Zacharia Edwards, Mitch Moses and Vince McClean allege that  they wrote a song called, “Caught Up” back in 2002. The trio say they played their song for a honcho at Arista Records which is Usher’s […]

Singer Mary J. Blige can’t catch a break with these lawsuits. Mary is getting hit with another lawsuit by a concert promotion company for skipping out on a performance in Dallas, Texas. The promotions company Vision Entertainment Worldwide is suing Mary J. Blige and her production company. They claim the R&B singer entered into an […]

  Where is Spring? The nation was told on February 2, 2013 aka Groundhog’s day, that Spring would be “sprung” early this year! However, since there is almost a foot of new snow on the ground in a nice size chunk of the nation at this very moment, we’re guessing that did not happen! And […]

Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo is headed back to court. His ex-girlfriend, who falsely claimed he fathered her child, is suing him for defamation. Jessica White (not the model) is suing him for speaking negatively about her in his episode of “Behind The Music.” Jessica White stated in her lawsuit that when Ne-Yo spoke about her on “Behind […]

Looks like Michael Jackson won’t have to go to London after all. The lawsuit filed against him has just been settled “in principle.”