What in the heck is going on here! According to TMZ, Vernon Charles Allen Merriweather says he ordered Oprah’s Chai Tea last Fall in Buffalo, NY. While waiting on his order, he just so happened to notice that the staff added; hallucinogenics, heroin and Ambien to his drink. Or at least that’s what it says in the Federal lawsuit that has been filed!

All he wanted was a hot cup of Oprah Winfrey‘s signature tea from the local Starbucks but instead he claims that he was served up some drug tea with a hearty helping of racial slurs on the side!

But it doesn’t end there…Merriweather also claims that when he applied for a job (during a different visit) at the Starbucks  he was told,

“We don’t hire n******” — and the baristas called themselves an Aryan nation.”

There is at least one major flaw with this tale that Merriweather is telling because you see…the Oprah Chai Tea didn’t even come out until late spring of this year. Oops!

You mean to tell us there was an attorney out there that thought they could actually win this case?  Wow! Now that’s what you call a confident lawyer!

All the same, Merriweather is suing Oprah, Starbucks, and 2 colleges in Buffalo (’cause why not) for discrimination and harassment! He wants all involved to get diversity training.  Oh and he wants them to give him $15 million too!

All we can say to him on that is…GOOD LUCK!




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