Juana Martinez filmed her confrontation with a Starbucks barista who had stolen her credit card number to purchase groceries.

” ]  Alternate Version Since we left you after the premiere of ‘#NoFilter’, we’ve manage to “race together” while tweeting like Dame Dash with Iggy Azalea‘s unintentionally hilarious performance blaring in the background. All these things had us glued to our computer and cell phone screens, barely coming up for air. Angela Yee joins the […]

The Voice

Since announcing their new “Race Together” initiative to combat race relations, Starbucks has been met with mixed reactions. Many believe the company is using the topic of race as a prop, while others slammed them over a lack of people of color in the accompanying campaign. In an op-ed for Medium, Starbucks’ Senior Vice President of Global Communications, Corey duBrowa, explained how […]

The Starbucks CEO wants his baristas to have conversations about race with their customers. Seriously. Howard Schultz wants the coffee giant to take on race relations – because we all asked for that. According to Fortune, Starbucks created a partnership with USA Today called “Race Together” to continue the discussion on race which will start on […]

Simple and clean, Starbucks gave tribute to Martin Luther King‘s legacy by creating an ad in observance of the Civil Rights leader. Displayed on a black background, it features the alphabet backward with “MLK” in red with the caption, “It’s time to look at things differently. Again.” What do you think of the coffee company’s ad? Like […]

What in the heck is going on here! According to TMZ, Vernon Charles Allen Merriweather says he ordered Oprah’s Chai Tea last Fall in Buffalo, NY. While waiting on his order, he just so happened to notice that the staff added; hallucinogenics, heroin and Ambien to his drink. Or at least that’s what it says in […]

At what point do the baristas that work at Starbucks need to become like bartenders and cut people off! This story is flat out ridiculous! According to Charlamagne over at The Breakfast Club, Andrew Chifari who was owed a free drink of his choice from Starbucks decided to get super outrageous and push the boundaries […]


Okay, we know we heard a little something about there being some controversy regarding Subway‘s bread but we didn’t know it ran this deep! According to NBC News there are many fast food chains who are using a chemical in their bakery products that is also used to make sneakers, yoga mats and synthetic leather! […]