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Since we left you after the premiere of ‘#NoFilter’, we’ve manage to “race together” while tweeting like Dame Dash with Iggy Azalea‘s unintentionally hilarious performance blaring in the background. All these things had us glued to our computer and cell phone screens, barely coming up for air.

Angela Yee joins the cast of #NoFilter for another outrageous ride through the world of social media. Here are a few quotables:

1. BlogXilla – “How you gonna tweet like Dame Dash, when ya son’s got cookies? You gotta pause that.”

Xilla takes on one of several awkward moments from Dame Dash’s Breakfast Club interview. The former Roc-a-fella CEO constantly “pauses” things, but mentioned that his son “has cookies” in the same breath.


2. Angela Yee – “How you gonna drive a car that another man was in? You might as well sit on that man’s lap, b!”

Ang approaches the purchasing of a new car the way Dame would most likely do it.


3. Kaz & Lowkey – “I’d let the mouth go to work…At least you’re asking ‘what dat mouf do?'”

Low wasn’t as big of a fan of Azealia Banks’ posing in Playboy, as much as Kaz was. But, he did find an alternative method.


4. Deanii – “I just don’t see how you could let one loose off of that!”

Looks like Hot 97’s rising star wasn’t too excited about those fresh hip-hop nudes in Playboy, either.


5. Kaz & Lowkey – “But listen, they each get an all-expense paid trip to POUND TOWN!”

While they might’ve been a little 50/50 on Banks’ spread, there’s one thing for certain: they’d still smash!



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