Where is Spring? The nation was told on February 2, 2013 aka Groundhog’s day, that Spring would be “sprung” early this year! However, since there is almost a foot of new snow on the ground in a nice size chunk of the nation at this very moment, we’re guessing that did not happen!

And one Ohio attorney is not going to take it laying down! He’s suing the GROUNDHOG over it! No, don’t rub your eyes, you saw it right the first time! He is suing Pennsylvania’s Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil for being a no good, lying, varmint! Or, well something along those lines!

According to HipHopWired.comBulter County Prosecutor, Mike Gmoser, is bringing charges against Phil for knowingly telling the nation untruths about when spring would come! Says Gmoser;

“Punxutawney Phil did purposely, and with prior calculation and design, cause the people to believe spring would come early.” Phil has been charged with “misrepresentation of spring” thus committing a felony “against the peace and dignity in the state of Ohio.”

Wow! Just wow! Anything goes in the state of Ohio apparently! But in all honesty, anyone who has snow and or cold in their area is probably feeling like signing on to this lawsuit right about now! Mother Nature is making a “diva entrance” with Spring this season!  Now whether or not Phil knew it would go down like this is another story!

And as far as the lawsuit  and this prosecutor Mike Gmoser is concerned, in the words of Chris Rock, “We’re not saying he (the prosecutor) should have done it, but we understand!”


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