The urban media world just got hit with some big news. It’s being reported that radio personality and co-star of VH1’s reality show “The Gossip Game” K. Foxx has been fired from her job at New York City radio station Hot 97.

According to reports, K. Foxx was let go after having constant clashes with Program Director and co-host Ebro Darden. To add insult to injury, sources claim K. Foxx will be replaced by one of her “gossip Game” cast mates. While a group of people thought it would be freelance journalist Jasfly, we are hearing that it will be Ms. Drama who will replace K. Foxx. there is speculation that the reason Ms. Drama is being considered for the job just to spark interest in a second season of “Gossip Game” which suffered from lackluster ratings.

After reports came out about K. Foxx being fired, a Hot 97 insider said K. Foxx wasn’t fired but she chose to leave the radio show. We’ll see what actually is the case when K. Foxx breaks her silence. Stay tuned as the story continues to develop.



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