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Rapper turned actor Ice-T is making more moves in the world of film production. After tasting some success with his documentary “The Art of Rap,” he’s gearing up to release a documentary on the father of street literature Iceberg Slim.

The film, titled “Iceberg Slim: Portrait Of A Pimp,” takes a hard look at the troubled life of the pimp turned author. Iceberg Slim was born Robert Lee Maupin and fought his way from a rough life in the streets to become an author who inspired plenty of rappers. Somne pay homage to him with their rap monikers such as Ice -T and Ice Cube. Other rappers have spun some of his gutter street tales intro their rhymes and therefore given themselves street cred.

The documentary features commentary from the likes of Chris Rock, Henry Rollins, Quincy Jones, and Ice-T and is directed by Jorge Hinojosa. It will be released in theaters on July 9th and will its way to on Demand by July 12th. Check the trailer out below.



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