The acclaimed Mayor of Miami has been a predominant figure in Miami Hip-Hop for quite some time now. Trick Daddy made his name during the late 90’s when Luke’s booty music era was about to fade away slowly, the music that Miami is still known for originating. The city that never sleeps needed a more diverse lyrical artist that could represent Miami on a higher platform, to be put amongst those already emerging from the South. T Double D knew exactly what to bring to masses as he spoke on poverty and the love he had for his city. Now after a short hiatus, Trick is back like he never left and ready to bring his homegrown southern music back to the world, this time as a CEO of his own imprint.

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As MTV News continues their Miami week showcasing a city that is practically one of America’s party central, they visited the Mayor of Miami to touch base with him on his Top 10 artists that inspired his music.

This was his official Top 10 listing as told to MTV included with comments:

Luke and the 2 Live Crew

Influential Record: ‘Move Somethin”

Luke is the godfather. He introduced the country to the music that we had cultivated in Miami. They captured the whole Miami feel, everything it represents – beautiful women and an opulent lifestyle.”

Uncle Al and the Sugar Hill DJs

Influential Record: ‘They broke everything!’

Al represented the underground radio movement. He made the music say what he wanted it to say. Al stayed ‘hood, lived in the ‘hood and kept the tradition of the bass bins [big wooden speaker with tweeters] and the street jams.”

Le Juan Love

Influential Record: ‘Everybody Say Yeah’

He was a young dude at the time – he was hot. He was the shit. He never came out on the pretty-boy tip. He was always ‘hood. The kids loved him and the grown folks loved him.”

J.T. Money & the Poison Clan

Influential Record: ‘Dance All Night’

They were the first group from Miami that everybody rapped. Everyone had skills. They talked from the street hustler’s perspective. J.T. was also one of the first to talk about the tension between the tourists and the locals. He talked about the smash-and-grab crime wave that was an epidemic at the time.”

Slip-N-Slide All Stars

Influential Record: ‘Take It to the House’ and ‘Shut Up’

These were the first people I considered family outside of my real kin. Everyone was very talented. A time machine could have had all of us together and on the same page. With them, I’ve seen a lot, together we did a lot. Brawls, bras and Parle Thursdays – that sums up the time we spent together.”


Influential Record: ‘Go Girl’

Pit is the realist Chico (Cuban) I’ve ever met in my life. He’s also the first to successfully introduce bilingual rapping. I have no other words to describe him. He’s the realist I’ve seen in my life.”

Prince Raheim & Crazy Legs 59

Influential Record: ‘Lose My Money (Honey)’

They epitomized the Miami bass sound. They helped shape that movement. A lot of their music was booty music. It was crazy in the clubs when their music came on.”

Clay D

Influential Record: ‘Pull It All the Way Down’

Clay is the original black, greasy and grill’d typical Miami dude. His music was disrespectful and full of bass.”

Half Pint

Influential Record: ‘Stomp and Grind’

Half Pint was also one of the pioneers of the Miami bass/club sound. Because he was also a DJ, he understood how to rock a party.”

Trick Daddy’s eighth studio album is in the process of complete and should be released sometime within the 4th quarter of this year. He recently signed a new management deal with Miami heavyweight mogul and the CEO of Poe Boy Music, the infamous E-Class, and now with his own imprint on the rise called Dunk Ryders Records, the future looks quite prosperous for Trick. His new album is entitled ‘Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Die Thug,’ an autobiography with the same name will be released around the same time bracket as the album.

On the real, that was quite an impressive list of old school and some new school artists. It just goes to show that this thug was born and raised in the city that he will always call home. He has been an icon in Miami music for quite some time and with every album release

there is guaranteed anticipation.

Trick Daddy is respected by many artists in the game today as he paved the way for many of them and has a plethora of dedicated fans. To be quite honest, what would Miami be without Trick Daddy Dollars?

Trick is certainly a ‘Noisemaker,’ check out the rest of these crazy mo’fo’s below:

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