Part of hip-hop’s initial purpose was for each one to teach one or at least offer up some advice. 90s Miami rapper Luther “Luke” Campbell had some words of wisdom for his fellow Miami native Rick Ross. Ross has been in the headlines recently due to the fact an attempt was made on his life […]

After making hits like “Banned in the U.S.A.,” Uncle Luke is being banned from the assistant coach position at a Miami high school. Luke Campbell has been helping out Miami Northwestern High School’s football team for the last three seasons as a defensive coordinator. He is looking to be promoted to the assistant coach position […]

Uncle Luke says Wiz Khalifa broke the bro code by dating Amber Rose after Kanye West. He feels the same way about Soulja Boy (Diamond) and Memphitz (Toya Carter). Luke feels the bond between MCs should be stronger than other celebrities, “Rappers aren’t like celebrity football and basketball players, who pass around exes like mustard.” […]

From Blackvoices Uncle Luke recently wrote a very interesting article about how the market for prostitutes in Miami has gone down, primarily due to the fact that supply has strongly exceeded demand. He also seems to argue that the labor rights of hooker/strippers are consistently violated by club owners who demand a piece of the […]

(AllHipHop News) With pointed criticism of their product from southern Hip-Hop legends Scarface and Luke, VH1 Honors executive producers Nelson George and Fab Five Freddy are defending this year’s selections and criteria.