(AllHipHop News) With pointed criticism of their product from southern Hip-Hop legends Scarface and Luke, VH1 Honors executive producers Nelson George and Fab Five Freddy are defending this year’s selections and criteria.

This year, individuals like Suave House Records founder Tony Draper voiced displeasure at his contributions being omitted, while others such as Luke have stated the show fails to acknowledge all his accolades as a pioneer business mogul.

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Freddy and George welcome the dialogue, explaining that Hip-Hop history shows fans and artists are always very vocal about the culture.

“No matter how you feel people are still extremely passionate about it,” Fab Five Freddy told VH1. “We constantly explain there’s no chronological method to how we’re doing this…we try to pick people from different eras, whether it’s closer to the beginning from that late 80s into the 90s. And like I said it’s only been a 10 year criteria that we [use]. [We look for] people that carved out specific lanes and styles within the music.”

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