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Uncle Luke recently wrote a very interesting article about how the market for prostitutes in Miami has gone down, primarily due to the fact that supply has strongly exceeded demand. He also seems to argue that the labor rights of hooker/strippers are consistently violated by club owners who demand a piece of the action.

According to Luke:

The price of sex has gone down to $50 at local strip clubs. In fact, so many girls are screwing customers that the holdouts are losing money. So says an exotic dancer I met recently. She complained that she is going to get kicked out of her apartment because she won’t put out.

Luke goes on to describe more of the experience of the modern-day stripper who earns her money by “moonlighting.” He writes about a woman he calls “ATL,” a stripper who is tempted to put in extra work to make ends meet:

There was a day when ATL would get on the top stage at any one of those ti**y bars and make $300 or $400 dancing to one song. Now she’s lucky to collect $10.  More and more, girls are dancing less and just having sex.

Will demand go up once LeBron and Bosh come to town? Does T-Pain need to be brought in to lobby for strippers rights?


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