Some people just don’t know when they’ve overstayed their welcome. A trespasser found out what happens when you continually return to a place you’ve been kicked out of several times in the past.

While we don’t have much information about the incident, we can ascertain the woman trespasser was recently thrown out of the courtyard of an apartment complex. She’s returned several times which resulted in some residents calling the police on her. However, each time the police would arrive, the woman would be gone which rendered the police’s presence useless.

This time, one of the male residents went to stall the woman while the police arrived. During the conversation between the trespasser and the resident, they each make snide remarks about each other. The resident must have gotten underneath the trespasser’s skin with his remark because she becomes enraged and attacks the man. He blocks her punches and winds up throwing the woman in the pool. Then another male resident comes down and argues with her which ends in her being thrown into the pool for a second time.

Once the police arrive, the woman is arrested and escorted out of the courtyard. But it doesn’t end there. The male resident who pushed the trespasser in the pool the second time begins to berate the police officers for not doing their jobs. This is probably one of the craziest videos I’ve seen involving the police getting barked on by residents.

Check out the mayhem below.



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