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Welp! This time it’s not being projected on the side of a building or anything else many would consider odd! But it’s still a lot of angry Ye!

Take a look at the new video of Black Skinhead and see what ya think!

OK…we have questions! For instance what is up with the creepy eyes on both sides of the video? Why are they watching us watch Ye?

Another question we have is who’s idea was it to make his skin white but black his face out? Is that a play on blackface? Either way it was kind of dope but we’re just curious!

We’re also glad we aren’t on LSD or PCP or Bath Salts for that matter! Because the video is tripped out enough on it’s own without anything extra added to the trip! We have no idea what it feels like to be on any of the above mentioned drugs but we sort of think it must feel like being in this video…in real life!

The last question that comes to our minds is, who’s body is that in the video? We don’t recall a shirtless Kanye ever walking around! So we aren’t sure if he is really cut up like that in real life! Does he have muscles and abs like that for real? If so you would think the paparazzi would be more afraid of him no?

Oh well we digress. If Mr. West was going for artistic and different then he wins! It was definitly nothing that anyone else has done or is doing….yet!

What do you think? Take our poll and have your say!


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