A video for Kanye West’s new song “Black Skinhead” was posted all over the internets over the last 24 hours and Kanye is angered over it in a pretty big way! He took to his Twitter page to express his feelings on it! Check out his tweets below! Rumors are now floating around that Kanye […]

  Welp! This time it’s not being projected on the side of a building or anything else many would consider odd! But it’s still a lot of angry Ye! Take a look at the new video of Black Skinhead and see what ya think! OK…we have questions! For instance what is up with the creepy […]

  Hmmm, we don’t really know what we think about this one! The rumor mill is churning away right now in regards to Kanye West not being happy with the awkward reception that his first two song releases; Black Skinhead and New Slaves, have been receiving. People are not sure what to do with this […]

  So, for those who missed the news yesterday, Kanye is getting ready to drop a new project entitled “Yeezus” and no we are not joking. The 35 year-old father to be is truly using that as a title. As we previously reported, Kanye debuted the new song from the “Yeezus”  project called “New Slaves” […]