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Contrary to popular belief, Nick Cannon was making big bank long before Mariah Carey had a dirty thought involving him. The San Diego, California native currently has his hands in many pots. He is the chairman of TEENick and also works with the children’s network as a creative consultant. On top of that, Cannon keeps busy hosting NBC’s talent competition “America’s Got Talent.”

While Nick is working on other things, his main priority is promoting the upcoming premiere of the revamped version of the hit show “Wild’n Out,” which premieres July 9th at 11pm. The Urban Daily caught up with Nick and one of the newest cast members, New York rapper Conceited. During our interview, the pair chopped it up about how this incarnation of the show is different from the one we all know and love. plus, Nick compares the show to the state of hip-hop and explains how “Wild’n Out” is a breeding ground for breakout stars,

Check it out.


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