It’s rare that you get an email pitching an artist that makes the whole office stop what they’re doing and ask you who you’re listening to. As rare as it is, it happened when I received an email asking whether I’d be interested in interviewing an Indian singer from New Zealand  named Aaradhna who sounded like Amy Winehouse with the alcohol being replaced by an in-your-face sassiness  that’s often attempted but never seems authentic. However, just one conversation with the New Zealand export and you know she’s all the way real.

Aaradhna, a six-time Pacific Awards winner (NZ’s version of the Grammys), walked into our offices a tall, shy girl who opened up when it came time to discuss her love for Monica and R&B as a whole. We spoke about her introduction to the genre that’s sustained us for so many years and how similar the music scene is in her home country compared to the United States.  Check out Aaradhna as she introduces herself to American R&B audiences and proves no matter what shade you are, it’s all Black music. Her latest album “Treble & Reverb” is in stores now.


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