The new season of Nick Cannon‘s “Wild’n Out” debuted last night to much appreciation on MTV. Viewers were actually excited to see Cannon and company battle their opposing team to see who had the better improvised punchlines.

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But all hell broke loose after a game of “Hater” when Nick Cannon had to hate on his own wife, Mariah Carey, and brought everyone’s beloved Beyonce in the mix. He said in a mocking tone, “How dare my wife sing at our beautiful wedding and didn’t lip sync like Beyonce did at the Inauguration.”

Uh oh. It was funny, and, of course, true because Beyonce lip syncing — or singing live to a prerecorded track if you want to get technical — was one of the “worst” things to happened to Beysus’ career. And that’s not even bad. But the BeyHive?

Right after the joke, it was, “BeyHive! Swarm! Attack! Sting! Bzzzz!” all over Nick Cannon’s mentions on Twitter.

Some even went as far to make fun of his kidney condition:

Some even tried to start a #CancelWildnOut movement. I don’t think it will catch on.

But his responses:

I’m glad he doesn’t take these things to heart, because all of those comments coming from all directions are outrageous. And all of them still continued to watch the show, so who really won?

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