For the love of Bieber Fever! On the same day that Justin Bieber‘s mother went on “The View” to discuss her son doing wonderful things that no one ever reports on…TMZ posts this video that has surfaced which shows the Biebs being anything but “wonderful” in the kitchen of a NYC restaurant ! Take a look at it below!


Tsk, tsk, tsk! That is beyond horrifying! Who knows if the cleaning people even knew that happened?! What if they didn’t know and used that water to clean up after the people were all gone?! Not to mention that the person who had to clean up also had to dump that water out! Disgusting!

It’s truly a travesty that someone…anyone…who is a responsible adult has not literally shaken this kid by the shoulders yet! What more evidence do they need that he needs a responsible adult who doesn’t have a financial stake in his behavior to step up to the plate for him?

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