Actor/comedian Eddie Griffin is not in a laughing mood. He is being sued by a woman who claims she and her girlfriend were made to be the butt of his homophobic jokes. the woman also says he attacked them with a water bottle.

A video surfaced on the internet showing Eddie Griffin pouring a bottle of water on a woman’s head at a California comedy club called Tommy T’s. Leslie Champlin, the partner of the woman, just filed a lawsuit against the comedian and the comedy club. Champlin claims Tommy T’s allowed Eddie Griffin to get on stage drunk which helped him sexually harass the couple. Griffin put his crotch in their faces and saying the couple “would not need a strap-on or vibrator” with his assistance.

Becoming fed up with the insults, Leslie Champlin’s partner threw her drink at drink at Griffin while he was on stage. He retalliated by dumping water on her head. After Eddie Griffin did that, the audience began throwing drinks at the couple before security escorted them out the establishment. Champlin says they never got an apology from Eddie Griffin or the club. Griffin took it a step further and defended his actions on Facebook by calling the women “dyke b***hes.”

Leslie Champlin is now suing for unspecified damages on the grounds of she feels she was discriminated against because of her sexual orientation. She’s also suing for battery and negligence. Neither Eddie Griffin or a rep from Tommy T’s has responded to the suit as of yet.



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