Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has been in the industry a very long time. His experiences in the business, when he was rapping under the moniker Tity Boi, have taught him that he must look out for himself. In doing so, he charges rappers $100,000 for a guest verse. People have slammed the rapper for it because they feel it’s an exorbedent amount to charge for 16 bars. However, Tity Two Necklaces says you should mind your business because your favorite rappers have no problem spending that much on his rhymes.

A while ago, Kanye West announced 2 Chainz was apart of his G.O.O.D. Music stable of artists and let it slip about how much the dreaded rapper charges for a verse. 2 Chainz recently addressed the matter when he was at BBC’s Radio 1Xtra. The hair weave killer said, “”Let me start, man, ’cause I know there’s people out here listening: Look, I’m enjoying life, okay? You would be doing the same thing. Don’t look down upon me. [You might ask,] ‘Who’s gonna pay that for a verse?’ Your favorite rapper paid it. Don’t even worry about it.” judging from all of the songs he’s been featured on in the past few years, $100,000 must be falling from the sky because 2 Chainz has been on everybody’s song.

The 35-year-old Atlanta rapper broke down why he charges that much, “The thing is, when it comes to your video, I’m gonna change clothes twice. They’re never gonna see that outfit again. I’m gonna give you bars. I’m gonna wear fancy glasses and a bunch of chains you’ve never seen. I mean, I could help you.” According to him, his appearance on a song and in the subsequent video can help a rapper’s sex-life as well. “You get me. You get charisma. You get girls that’s gonna come to your video shoot ’cause they know I’ma be there. So this [is] your chance to get in!”

Before you struggle rappers try to cut a deal with 2 Chainz, he has a message for you. “I’m not doin’ deals. I’m tellin’ what I give you, for that number. These are the services that I offer.” Can you afford that?

Make sure you look out for 2 Chainz’s second album Based On A try Story 2: Me Time when it drops September 10.



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