When the time came for the country to elect a new president, Obama wasn’t the only one feeling like they needed a change. In the new independent feature film by Neil Drumming, “Big Words,” the characters in the film are also searching for a change. Set in Brooklyn on that historical night in 2008, “Big Words” follows the lives of three former rap group members who haven’t seen or spoken to each other since they broke up 11 years prior.

Malik, who was the DJ in the group known as the Down Lo Poets, has resorted to taking freelance DJ gigs while living with his girlfriend. John “Big Words” lives his life as a computer tech and has grown ambivalent towards his former rap dreams. The last member of the Down Lo Poets is James, who has turned in his rhyme book in for a comfy job as a book publicist. They all have their own issues, but the one they all share is the unresolved drama between the three of them.

Actors Dorian Missick, who plays John “Big Words” and co-star Yaya DeCosta-Alafia came by the TUD studios to tell us about their new film and how it is playing lovers onscreen with someone who is a friend in real life. Check it out.


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