There is a video that is making its way around the internets and it’s crazy! When you are watching this video you are sure that you can pick out which kid is going to be in distress soon but most people seem to be having a hard time judging the right swimmer.

Take a look below!



Ok truth time! Did you pick out the right child? Show of hands…be honest! Did you even see the correct swimmer on screen before the lifeguard jumped in to grab them? This is why it’s up to everyone in crowded pools to be vigilant!

According to Reader’s Digest the following are 8 signs that someone is drowning;

1. A drowning person can’t call for help—she has to be able to breathe before she can speak. When a person is drowning, her mouth sinks below and reappears above the surface of the water. There isn’t time for her to exhale, inhale, and call out.

2. She can’t wave for help either. A drowning person instinctively extends her arms to the sides and presses down to lift her mouth out of the water; a child may extend her arms forward. She can’t use her arms to move toward a rescuer or reach for rescue equipment.

3. A drowning person remains upright in the water, with no evidence of kicking. She can struggle for only 20 to 60 seconds before going under.

4. Eyes are glassy, unable to focus, or closed.

5. Hair may be over forehead or eyes.

6. Head is low in the water, with mouth at water level; head may be tilted back with mouth open. A child’s head may fall forward.

7. Sometimes the most important indicator that someone is drowning is that she doesn’t look like she’s drowning. She may just seem to be looking up at the sky, shore, pool deck, or dock. Ask her, “Are you all right?” If she can answer at all, she probably is. If she returns a blank stare, you may have less than 30 seconds to get to her.

8. Children playing in the water make noise. When they get quiet, you need to get to them and find out why.

So as you pack up to hit the pools today remember what that looked like and how completely fast that kid found themselves in a world of trouble! And stay aware as you cool off and have fun!



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