While we are not sure of why it got started today, we do know what it is stemming from. Tavis Smiley continues to frustrate many in the African American population with his comments about the first African American President. Smiley and Obama have had no love lost since before the 2008 election and Tavis has chastised the President at pretty much every turn ever since.

Many think it has to do with Obama not accepting an invitation to Smiley’s annual Black State Of The Union Conference during the 2007 -2008 campaign season. (Which Tavis ended in 2010 after a decade of putting the conference on.)

According to the Huffington Post, at the time Tavis explained quitting the conference because,

“I was inspired to start the conference because black issues were rarely addressed in the president’s State of the Union speech or the national media. Unlike a decade ago, black issues now are being addressed by numerous other media outlets, commentators and bloggers. The State of the Black Union “doesn’t have the premium that it used to have and that’s a good thing.”

Some in the African American community feel that Tavis is simply upset that President Obama came in and took over his title of honorary “Leader of  Black America”. Many feel that he didn’t actually believe the lessons in his books because he doesn’t demonstrate those lessons through his constant lack of respect for President Obama.

Check out some of what they had to say in the tweets below!

We wonder if Tavis is getting the message…literally.


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