As the #MannequinChallenge continues to pick up steam, a new way of roasting your followers has emerged on Twitter. People are posting photos of themselves with the caption reading “What does it look like I do for a living?” After tons of retweets, the jokes start flying in, ruthlessly making fun of people. Check our […]

  The timing on this video couldn’t be more impeccable!   In a very slow news day, a short clip of a young teen surfaced and had the internet buzzing. The “white boy gangsta crip” is seen in the video talking extremely reckless to another teen, who apparently tried to test the gangster of the […]

So, DC Young Fly is a Vine comic who has been taking over people’s timelines from sea to shining sea. He often makes jokes out of pop culture figures. Well, apparently comedian Kevin Hart was having none of it when Young Fly came for him! Take a look at how it got started and where […]

Singer/actor Ray J‘s crazy antics have made sure he never out of the spotlight for too long. Through all of the highs and lows Ray J has been through, he has remained a good sport when people start clowning him for his past actions. Actor/comedian Marlon Wayans put Ray J’s sportsmanship to the test on […]

Whichever publicist told The CIA to join Twitter should get a raise. The government agency has revamped its secretive and scary image in a mere month since joining the popular social network. For their one month anniversary, The CIA decided to answer five of their most asked questions. One of them happened to deal with […]

When Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson isn’t out promoting a new album, TV show or energy drink, he can be found clowning your favorite entertainer on Instagram.  As soon as news broke that Solange had gone all Chun-Li on her brother-in-law, 50 was waiting with the break down. So now that his frienemy Floyd Mayweather has […]

  It was all purple everything when Prince was the sole guest on “Arsenio.” Prince stopped by the late night talk show to chat and perform some songs from his extensive catalogue. The Purple One visited Arsenio Hall’s show and shared things that revealed he is an everyday person with extraordinary talent. Prince shared that […]

Evidently, 3-D movies are not frightening enough, because people with make up and remote controls are going to great lengths to scare the sh*t out of us all in real life. Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Best Halloween Prank On Kids [VIDEO] Some time in 2013 a video went viral of a small(ish) man dressed up as […]


Anyone paying attention to the Nelson Mandela memorial service which was attended by pretty much every one of the most important world leaders knows that there was a sign language interpreter who was doing a whole lot while on the stage. That gentlemen was later found to be a fraud! SNL took aim at both […]

  It seems as though 50 Cent is back to picking fights with any and everybody. Well, let me change that. 50 Cent is back to picking unnecessary fights with his celebrity friends. 50 has put his friend Diddy in his crosshairs via an Instagram post. By now, you should have all heard about a […]

  When comedian Joe Torry hosted Def Comedy Jam in the ’90s he punctuated his intros of each comic with the call out, “Damn, is he funny?” and a playful neck roll. It was a suitable gesture because it emphasized all that mattered when it came to the world of comedy: Will it get a laugh? […]