When Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson isn’t out promoting a new album, TV show or energy drink, he can be found clowning your favorite entertainer on Instagram.  As soon as news broke that Solange had gone all Chun-Li on her brother-in-law, 50 was waiting with the break down. So now that his frienemy Floyd Mayweather has been in the midst of his own drama, 50 showcased the trademark humor that made character like “Pimpin Curly” so popular.

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“My little brothers crazy, first RAY J then Nelly now T.I.,” he wrote before posting a mock phone call with Mayweather where he cautions him about the brawl with rapper T.I.Champ, what the f*ck is going on, man.  N*ggas tellin’ me you down in the Fat Burger fightin’ over Tiny. Now that’s T.I.’s b*tch, man. You gonna cause these n*ggas to buy more guns in Atlanta! No, no! I’m your brother. I’m gonna tell it like it is. Your uppercut ain’t gonna mean sh*t when n*ggas start shootin’!”

There is this thing called “chill” that 50 Cent clearly has none of. He pulled this bit before making fun of Mayweather’s ex dating Nelly, but the videos have since been removed. Watch these before they’re gone.

Man, why you keep goin’ back to what she look like? I wouldn’t care if the motherf*cker  fell out a beauty pageant it’s his b*tch, man! No, no you listen to me. You ain’t never shot a motherf*cker a day in your life. You a 150 lbs. You ain’t no gangsta, you a boxer!”

“…You get punched in the face in a burger joint. What he f*ck was the security doing? You need new security, champ! You got too much f*ckin money to be gettin’ all punched in the face and sh*t!”


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