Wait till you see their comeback…

In an attempt to salvage their rap career, the Ying Yang Twins reemerge on the scene with their new mixtape “Ass In Session.” In addition to a twerk song praising Miley Cyrus, the Atlanta duo has also called out several artists such as French Montana, Kanye West and Jay Z on one track.

If you’ve ever heard any Ying Yang Twins song, you’ve heard them yell “HANNNN” several times throughout the track before some of your favorite artists started doing so. They have no problem addressing this issue on their first track off of the mixtape, “Say My Word.”

“How they won’t say our name? Excuse me Mr. P. Diddy and Jay-Z, you presidents… If yo artists use our lyric, don’t that make us relevant?”

HANNNNN! They do have a point but consistency is key guys. We’ll have to wait for a rebuttal from any of the artists mentioned on the track. You can check out “Say My Word” and the rest of their mixtape below and let us know what you think about their comeback.


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