Rapper Snoop Dogg and NFL player Willie McGinest are giving a helping hand to fundraising efforts for the Kroc Center community education and recreation facility, located in Long Beach, CA.

Joined by Sixth District Councilman Dee Andrews, Snoop and McGinest announced their support Wednesday (June 17) for the project. “These people are Long Beach born and raised, and they want to come back and show they’re Long Beach friendly,” said Andrews of the celebrities’ involvement.

By them putting their stamp on it, I can see a whole lot of people picking it up,” continued Andrews. “Those people who have slumbered and gone to sleep will open their eyes.”

Fundraising for the center had apparently stalled due to the current state of the economy, and is just $17 million short of the amount needed to begin work on it. Upon reaching that mark, $90 million in donations from the Kroc Foundation and Salvation army would be added to the sum.

The center, which is planned to be a 180,000-square-foot Salvation Army facility, will be located at the 19-acre Hamilton Bowl site near Long Beach City College. It will provide recreation, education, art and cultural programs to members of the community, according to Long Beach’s Press Telegram.

We’re talking about a first-class facility in our little district,” said Andrews. “People come from all over the world (to the San Diego Kroc Center). We’ve got to get out of the box and do what’s right.”

Snoop Dogg is expected to make an announcement about his personal involvement, which could possibly include a benefit concert.

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