According to the Huff Post, police in Sanford, FL, have stepped in it.  They are coming under fire for a traffic stop where a politically active black man with a clean record was forced from his car and handcuffed at gunpoint.

Traymon Williams, 26, told The Grio,He was driving his girlfriend, DeShonda Robinson, and Robinson’s younger brother, Kelvin Robinson Jr., on June 26, when he noticed a police car closely following them. Soon, Williams said,

“At least four more police cars joined the first, and before he knew it, he was forced at gunpoint to lie down in the road.”

Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith told The Grio,

Williams, DeShonda and Kelvin were cuffed and put in the back of a police cruiser. Officers released them when they realized Williams was not the home burglar they were looking for.”

Michael Moore, Williams’s attorney, says,

“The burglary suspect also drives a Toyota Camry but is significantly heavier than Williams.”

The Sanford Police Department has ordered an internal review of the officers’ conduct during the stop, and Moore says,

Williams, DeShonda and Kelvin plan to sue if the review doesn’t resolve the situation.”

The Sanford Police did not respond to a request for comment.

Williams, has been a resident of Sanford all of his life and has been outspoken about finding justice for Trayvon Martin. He gave interviews to news outlets including The Huffington PostThe Grio and MSNBC.

Sounds like people may want to keep their eyes on Sanford for a while longer.

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