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Brought to you by the creator of america and GIANT magazines, Smokey D. Fontaine brings together the very best in music, entertainment, fashion and technology in one sleek, simple app. By downloading the free bi-monthly app from your iPhone or iPad and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, users have just secured a chance to win a free U.E Boom Wireless Speaker.

a+ provides a unique multimedia experience. With full-length editorial features and fashion spreads, artists, entertainers and tomorrow’s thinkers are finally speaking for themselves with interactive pull quotes, which is just one of many multimedia features associated with a+.  With a simple swipe, users can now listen to an artist explain themselves in the provocative quote.

Star Wars actress Zoe Saldana graces the cover, and discusses the highs and lows of celebrity. a+ also includes interviews with Frank Ocean, rising South Bronx MC Bodega Bamz, and the talented and tantalizing Cassie.

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