Joseline Hernandez was discovered in the strip club. Her buxom body and pretty face made her the target of every man’s imagination. But one man in particular–Stevie J– saw what we found in Joseline, star quality.  Eventually, he invited the bad boosh on his bus and changed her life forever.

It was in the strip club, that Joseline seduced men (and perhaps women) with her moves. Since being thrust (pun-intended) into the limelight, the Puerto Rican princess maintained her sex appeal on high and even taught us a few things about confidence in the bedroom.

Joseline followed the release of her first video “Mi Colta” with steamy visuals to her boss chick anthem–”Shotz.” Jos, who once proclaimed that she won’t ever go back to the strip club, visited the place where she got her start to portray her own “started from the bottom” story.

Joseline may not speak perfect English, write it or understand it, for that matter, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t great at what she does–being sexy and enticing the beef cake. Her new video is a template on seduction with her at the reigns. Take notes from these next few gifs on how to be a stripper in the bedroom!

A Sexy Strut

Being able to walk in high heels comes with practice, but there is something so visually stimulating about a strong strut. Not to mention, stilettos enhance the appearance of the backside. Begin your next sexual experience with a sexy walk to start his libido.

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