4.   “Star Trek” brings couples together

Never hide you inner geek from a potential love interest – bonding over a shared passion is like relationship Viagra.

3.  Never let a girl get in the way of a good bromance

Even though Gerard (David Alan Grier) struck out with Angela after their uber-awkward first date,  it was clear he still carried a torch for her when Marcus revealed he was now involved with her.  Luckily the two realized the value of their friendship and worked out their differences towards the end. Lesson of the day: ask first before pursuing a friend’s  past crush.

2.  Sometimes you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Even after finding himself in a stable and blissful relationship with Angela, Marcus reverted to his womanizing ways in a one night  stand with former flame Jacqueline.  Marcus was in for a big surprise when Angela read him the riot act, spawning the 90’s  anthem for single women everywhere:

1.  Good girls finish first

After a heart-breaking split from Marcus, Angela was now a cold and distant corporate clone, very much like Jacqueline.  But Marcus broke through her glacial facade, when he ambushed her at work, accompanied by her former cute-as-buttons art students.  Angela decides to take Marcus back, but this time we know she’ll be using her brains as well as her heart going forward with her reformed bad boy.

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