Sadly, comedian Charlie Murphy passed away on Wednesday after losing his battle with leukemia. Celebs and fans were shocked by the devastating news and took to social media to share their condolences. The funny man made a name for himself in Hollywood while his brother, Eddie Murphy, was the biggest comedic star on the planet. […]

Way before Meet Dave, Norbit, The Klumps, or Shrek, Eddie Murphy was one of the funniest stand-up comics of all time. That’s why it was such a big deal that he told jokes on stage while receiving the Mark Twain Award for Comedy for the first time since before most millennials can remember. In total, it’s been 28 […]

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In the ’80s, Eddie Murphy nailed impersonations of Michael Jackson, James Brown and Stevie Wonder. He was supposed to resurrect his Bill Cosby act for Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary special. However, it didn’t feel quite right following the nasty sexual abuse allegations. “It’s horrible,” Murphy told the Washington Post. “There’s nothing funny about it. If you get up there and […]

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Biopics are obviously in demand after the success of Straight Outta Compton. One that’s been in the making for a while is Richard Pryor‘s story. The Weinstein Company finally revealed who’ll appear in the highly anticipated biopic. It’s a star-studded cast to say the least. As expected, Mike Epps will play Pryor. Nick Cannon was reportedly in consideration for the role, but he eventually […]

After releasing his “Oh Jah Jah” record earlier this year, yesterday (May 6) Eddie Murphy dropped off the official music video for the track. Directed by Richard Gumbs III, the visual shows Murphy playing the Bob Marley-esque cut in the studio. Speaking with Rolling Stone in early January, Eddie Murphy opened up about the inspiration for […]

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Entertainment Tonight and Variety have confirmed Eddie Murphy is scheduled to join the cast of Richard Pryor’s upcoming biopic. Murphy, who like Pryor has enjoyed his own success as both a standup comic and actor, is slated to play the role of Pryor’s father, LeRoy “Buck Carter” Pryor. Empire co-producer Lee Daniels is on board […]


Many of us were left not only disappointed, but also extremely puzzled after watching Eddie Murphy’s bizarre return to the SNL stage during the NBC show’s 40th anniversary special last Sunday. Following Chris Rock’s inspiring introduction, Murphy returned to the stage to offer little more than an exaggerated thank you. Subsequently, many of us have been left […]

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Forget that All-Star business, the air was pretty rare in Studio 8H last night as Lorne Michael‘s cultural juggernaut, Saturday Night Live, aired “SNL 40,”…

It’s not every day that Eddie Murphy does interviews, so when he sits down for one he has great stories to share. Ahead of SNL‘s 40th anniversary show and working on more Reggae music, Billboard managed to catch the iconic comedian and conducted a lengthy Q&A with him. From stories about Rick James to working on his own music and comedy, […]


Comedian Eddie Murphy confirmed that he will be on-hand for Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special.  In a recent interview with TV One’s Roland Martin, he said that it would be the first time he visited the show since his departure in 1984. The Beverly Hills Cop and Boomerang star recently released a new reggae […]


With Eddie Murphy‘s comedy and movie achievements, it’s easy to forget that he’s had a few endeavors into music. The man actually has a pretty good voice — you can hear it in this famous Saturday Night Live sketch with Stevie Wonder — but he isn’t a great songwriter. For an example, look no further […]