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After releasing his “Oh Jah Jah” record earlier this year, yesterday (May 6) Eddie Murphy dropped off the official music video for the track. Directed by Richard Gumbs III, the visual shows Murphy playing the Bob Marley-esque cut in the studio.

Speaking with Rolling Stone in early January, Eddie Murphy opened up about the inspiration for “Oh Jah Jah,” saying it stemmed from two of 2014’s biggest headlines: the Ebola breakout and the unrest in Ferguson, MO.

“I wrote that track the first week that Ebola jumped off, and Ferguson was going on – it was pulled out of the headlines,” Murphy said. “To say this stuff, it has to be reggae. You can’t touch on none of this with an R&B track, because people will shut down to it. But do a roots reggae song that feels like Bob Marley type of stuff, you can say it.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Eddie Murphy also spoke on the possibility of releasing a full-length reggae album sometime in the future.

“If people respond to [‘Oh Jah Jah’], then I might,” Murphy said at the time. “If people don’t, that shit will just stay on the shelf where it’s at. And I’m cool with that. I’m cool with all my shit being on the shelf until 100 years from now. Everything comes out 100 years from now. Any artist that did anything, once you’re gone, they go looking through all your shit. Like this scrap of paper that you drew on. If I’m doing a movie or if I’m going onstage, that’s me being funny. But music, I do that all the time, for free.”

Eddie Murphy’s “Oh Jah Jah” music video can be viewed below:

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