We’ll file this one under you can’t make this junk up! ! A Fort Collins Colorado teenager was arrested ironically while recording a music video on YouTube about getting arrested!


According to KDVR, The Fort Collins Coloradoan identified the 19-year-old shown rapping in front of a webcam as Josh Jackson. Midway through the music video, Jackson turns out the lights. Just before the video ends, a flash bang grenade can be seen going off in the background.

Check it out in the video below!

Fort Collins Police claimed that officers lobbed several flash bang grenades inside Jackson’s home before they arrested him on felony menacing charges.

When asked to explain why 15 marked police cars and an armored SWAT vehicle moved into the area to arrest the teen a police spokesperson said it was because he has a history of resisting officers. Wow!

We’re speechless! So we throw this one to you! What did you think of his rap? Take our poll and have your say!


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