Audiences have come to know actor Pooch Hall from his solid portrayal of rookie football star Derwin Davis on BET’s hit series “The Game.” But what happens when you’re suddenly no longer on that show? Well, if you’re Pooch Hall, you go land yourself a part on Showtime’s new hit drama “Ray Donovan.”

“Ray Donovan” is a gritty drama starring Liev Schriver and Jon Voight. Schriver plays the title character who is a fixer in los Angeles. Basically, he makes the problems of the rich and elite disappear. The only problems he can’t fix are the ones within his family. Hall plays Ray’s half-brother Darryl. While the other Donovan men, including Ray’s two brothers and his father, accept Darryl as their own. Ray takes issue with that. But Why?

when Pooch Hall found his way to the TUD studio, we discussed his new role on “Ray Donovan” and why it’s one of the best new shows on television. Also, the candid actor set the record straight on his departure from “The Game.” (It wasn’t as dramatic as you would think.)  Pooch Hall also told us what was next for his character Darryl Donovan. While we can’t say much, we can say his storyline packs a mean punch.


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