Audiences have come to know actor Pooch Hall from his solid portrayal of rookie football star Derwin Davis on BET’s hit series “The Game.” But what happens when you’re suddenly no longer on that show? Well, if you’re Pooch Hall, you go land yourself a part on Showtime’s new hit drama “Ray Donovan.” “Ray Donovan” […]

“DERWIN LIVES,” tweeted an enthusiastic Pooch Hall, former star of BET’s “The Game!” Everyone’s favorite Saber has returned to for just two shows! Derwin will…

BET may be losing an integral part of their hit comedy, The Game. Pooch Hall, who plays Derwin Davis, was cast in a pilot for Showtime. The pilot, Ray Donovan, stars Liev Schreiber as the titular character who is a professional “fixer” to the rich and famous. Whenever they have a problem they need handled, […]

As a part of our summer movie coverage, will be posting a new Black movie trivia question and picking winners every Tuesday and Thursday. The more questions you answer, the greater your chance of winning! So here is today’s question: What sport did Pooch Hall win a title for? CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR […]

The 10th Annual Jack In The Box Shoot Out took place in Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend with celebrities Chris Brown, Common, Terrence J, Pooch Hall and Lil’ Romeo. The Phoenix Suns run the event to raise money for their charities each year.

Last night, BET held a special viewing of “The Game” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Among other Bloggers, I was invited to enjoy the festivities and meet the cast of the hit series. For a moment there “The Game” was gone, no more Melanie, Derwin or loud Tasha Mack. Thanks to the fans and Debre […]

Pooch Hall from BET’s The Game may have a new boo that’s just as hot as his co-star Tia Mowry. Her name is Candace.