Sometimes I think tech companies are just messing with consumers. We’ve spent many years and thousands of dollars to go from bulbous tube TVs to flat screens and now they want to go and curve us again.

Samsung’s 55-inch Curved OLED set, the Samsung KN55S9C, was designed with a curved screen in order to “envelop” viewers. Your viewing experience is improved, in theory, because you’re more immersed in the display. Or because it feels like your TV is giving you a big ‘ole hug.

(OLED) Organic light-emitting diode technology works without a backlight so when you’re in your man cave watching “The Dark Knight Returns” you’ll really catch the deep blacks in the Batmobile and Bruce Wayne’s tux. But seriously, the picture is supposed to be next level. However, we’re going to wait for that $9,000 price point to come a little closer to this atmosphere before we partake.

Watch this short clip from Engadget and let us know if this something you need in your life.

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