A Samsung representative confirmed over the weekend that no Tidal deal is in the works.

A $5 million dollar lawsuit has been filed against Jay-Z‘s Tidal, with claims that the music mogul’s streaming service has not paid the royalties it should have to independent artists. Whether or not that’s true, the lawsuit comes at a pretty bad time for the young company. Click on the audio player to hear Monie Love explain […]

With the holidays rapidly approaching, smartphones are taking on a whole new level of importance. Not only just for staying in contact with friends and family out of town, but a good one can be a welcome distraction from those visitors that have over stayed their welcome. So it’s no surprise that smartphones top everyone’s […]

Just when you thought Jay Z and Kanye West were done making headlines for the next few weeks, the dynamic duo has singlehandedly shocked fans with announcing their next gig: Samsung’s SXSW Concert Series.   Two days before the big concert, “The Throne” was announced among the line-up for the SXSW Concert Series. However, if […]

Sometimes I think tech companies are just messing with consumers. We’ve spent many years and thousands of dollars to go from bulbous tube TVs to flat screens and now they want to go and curve us again. Samsung’s 55-inch Curved OLED set, the Samsung KN55S9C, was designed with a curved screen in order to “envelop” […]


  According to karencivil.com when Jay-Z stated that there are “New Rules” to the industry he was not joking! In a cross promotion with Samsung, Jay-Z’s new album Magna Carta Holy Grail has already sold one million copies. The copies that were pre-sold were done so in order to distribute them via a mobile app on Samsung […]

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  While the videos are as different as night and day (No pun intended) the sentiment that their fans will walk away with will be very much the same. All kabillion of those people will be happy! Take a look at the newest sneak peek video for Jay-Z’s Holy Grail release featuring Jay, Rick Rubin, Swiss […]

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  Okay so all you iphone users who were throwing fits can relax now as word is swirling around the internets that Billboard Magazine is apparently not going to support this Samsung/Jay-z marketing campaign…well sort of. According to Billboard, they are not going to include the 1 million album downloads Jay-Z is giving to Galaxy mobile […]


Samsung is eager to show off their impressive line of Smart TVs and they’ve chosen a very catchy way to do it. Enlisting Victoria’s Secret model Angela Bellotte, the company comically demonstrates the TV’s voice and motion controls. There’s even a guest appearance at :24! Besides the human beauty, the TV is quite sexy as […]