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Who is Brandon T. Jackson? Brandon T. Jackson is an actor, comedian, writer, and musician best known for his work in such films as “Tropic Thunder,” “Percy Jackson & the Olympians,” “Lottery Ticket,” “Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son” and “Get a Job.” Brandon T. Jackson got his break in the mid-‘00s, after moving to Los Angeles and making his name as a standup comedian. Jackson opened for stars like Wayne Brady and Chris Tucker, and after appearing in “Roll Bounce” in 2005, he took the jump to the next level.

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Ten years ago, the answer to “Who is Brandon T. Jackson?” would have been “talented newcomer with something to prove.” Brandon T. Jackson was born March 7, 1984, in Detroit, where his father, Bishop Wayne Timothy Jackson, serves as senior pastor of the church Great Faith Ministries International. His grandfather was also a preacher, but rather than pursue this line of work, Brandon T. Jackson moved to Los Angeles in the early ‘00s, after he’d guest hosted a radio show in Detroit and decided showbiz was the only business for him. Who is Brandon T. Jackson? A guy who takes chances—and his have paid off. In 2001, he appeared as an extra in “Ali,” and before long, he was opening for Chris Tucker and Wayne Brady at comedy clubs.

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Who is Brandon T. Jackson? He’s a movie star—check out that list of credits above—and he’s a morally sound dude. According to IMDB, Brandon T. Jackson “aspires to be the funniest man in America, without cursing, and hopes to reshape the world of comedy into one that inspires, teaches, and uplifts people.” As he chases this goal and becomes more famous, asking “Who is Brandon T. Jackson” may become like asking, “Who is Chris Tucker,” as he seems headed for the same type of career.

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