Trayvon Martin would have turned 19 years old today. High school graduations, college hopes, and visions of a bright life that could have lasted decades were cut short by an overzealous night watchman. The teen’s crime? Walking home from the grocery store with a bag of Skittles, wearing a hoodie. After a “not guilty” verdict […]

For iPad/iPhone users: Actor/comedian  Brandon T. Jackson, who you probably know best from Roll Bounce or Tropic Thunder (unless you were one of the unfortunate…

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Earlier this week, Brandon T. Jackson was kicked off his US Airways flight for nothing, so says the passenger sitting next to him on the plane, who tells TMZ Jackson was NOT drunk as the airline claims. As we previously reported, Brandon was escorted off his flight from NYC to LA on Monday during a layover in Phoenix upon […]

It looks like there’s a fight brewing between US Airways and actor/comedian Brandon T. Jackson. As we reported yesterday, Jackson claimed he was racially discriminated against when he was kicked off a plane by a rude flight attendant who called him the n-word. The airline has responded to Jackson’s claims and say he was kicked […]

There was a little trouble right before take off on a flight actor/comedian Brandon T. Jackson was on. The “Tropic Thunder” funnyman was on a US Airways flight when he says he was yelled at and called the n-word by a flight attendant.   According to Jackson, he was on the flight waiting for take […]

In action adventure “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,” actor and comedian Brandon T. Jackson returns as Grover, the Satyr sworn to protect Percy (played by Logan Lerman). Must Watch:  Oprah Winfrey Weighs In On Jay Z Vs Harry Belafonte [EXCLUSIVE] For those unfamiliar with Greek mythology, a satyr is a half man half goat. So we […]


What is Brandon T. Jackson’s net worth? Brandon T. Jackson’s net worth is $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Brandon T. Jackson is a comedian, actor, writer, and musician, and he amassed his fortune in a variety of ways, though mostly through his film work. Jackson has appeared in such films as “Tropic Thunder,” […]


Who is Brandon T. Jackson? Brandon T. Jackson is an actor, comedian, writer, and musician best known for his work in such films as “Tropic Thunder,” “Percy Jackson & the Olympians,” “Lottery Ticket,” “Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son” and “Get a Job.” Brandon T. Jackson got his break in the mid-‘00s, after moving to […]

What’s funnier than Martin Lawrence in a dress? Martin Lawrence and his son in dresses! The third installment of the comedian’s hilarious franchise Big Momma’s House is now on DVD for your home viewing pleasure. This time Brandon T. Jackson joins the fun as Lawrence’s son, Trent. Watch the clip for his commentary on playing […]

Actor Keith David has had some amazing roles in his over twenty-year career. But whenever he seems to get within five feet of a rapper he ends up lending them money. In this summer’s “Lottery Ticket” one of the smoothest voices in Hollywood plays Sweet Tee, a loan shark who makes Bow Wow’s character Kevin […]

From TheBVX When we found out that an NWA biopic got the greenlight we shared in the excitement of other hip-hop heads who’ve been waiting to see “The World’s Most Dangerous Group” on the big screen. But which actors are worthy of playing the roles of Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and the rest of […]

What would you do if you won the lottery? Chad Moss continues his bid to be the next Will Smith (ahem) in this Warner Brothers comedy.