Earlier this week, Brandon T. Jackson was kicked off his US Airways flight for nothing, so says the passenger sitting next to him on the plane, who tells TMZ Jackson was NOT drunk as the airline claims.

As we previously reported, Brandon was escorted off his flight from NYC to LA on Monday during a layover in Phoenix upon flight attendants accusing  him of being drunk and disorderly.

Brandon ranted on Twitter after the incident, tweeting that a flight attendant accused him of being drunk, hurled a racial epithet at him and then said,

“I don”t care if you’re Obama’s son — get in your seat!!”

TMZ spoke to Darrell Howard, who was sitting next to Brandon on the plane. Howard claims that while he doesn’t recall hearing the Obama comment he knows that Jackson was NOT drunk! He also claims that Jackson had no more than two drinks (Jack and gingers) during the 5-and-a-half hour flight from NYC to Phoenix.

Howard says Brandon shared a few scripts with him and another passenger. This backs up Brandon’s claim that he told the flight attendant he was just “rehearsing lines” with the people next to him.

Howard added Brandon was,

“Nothing but nice, and I was shocked to see the flight attendant snap the way she did.”

US Airways has said it stands behind its flight attendants. If more passengers come forward we wonder if US Airways will change their stance? Guess time will tell.

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