Chances are if you were watching the 2013 MTV VMAs last night, you were shocked, confused and a little lost. To make things easier for you, we’ve comprised a list of the most priceless wtf moments from the MTV VMAs.

Lady Gaga showed off her cakes in a seashell and thong ensemble. We honestly didn’t know Gaga had all that, we ain’t mad Gaga!

Miley Cyrus showed us what she was working with in her latex bikini as she danced on Robin Thicke who looked like he was the chairman of the National Player’s Association in his Beetlejuice themed suit…

Unfortunately, Rihanna and One Direction weren’t entertained with Miley’s bizarre twerking session.

But then karma came around and while One Direction was accepting their award Taylor Swift decided she was over their speech and muttered ‘shut the f*ck up’ to her friend.

Taylor Swift showed us some of her moves in between performances, we’re just hoping she sticks to singing about her bad luck with guys.

Kanye took being an ‘artist’ to a whole new extreme as he performed in the dark with a Narnia themed background behind him, but the best part was Kim K’s reaction:

Were we watching the same performance Kim?

The greatest reaction after a performance goes to Jaden Smith who looks as though he was brought to tears by Drake’s performance. Good luck living this one down Jaden.

The best part of the night was JT’s 16 minute medley, but we were all a little taken back when the highly publicized *NSYNC reunion lasted about seven seconds. If that didn’t have you thinking ‘wtf,’ look in the lefthand corner of the gif to see a security guard channel his inner JT.


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