We had to check and make sure this was still the year 2013 when we read this! A family in South Carolina went to a local Wild Wing Cafe to have a going away celebration for one of their family members. After waiting for 2 hours the family was reportedly unable to be seated because one of the white patrons felt “threatened” by their presence! WTF?

Take a look at the story in the video below!

So much for the post-racial melting pot huh? This is an awful story but it’s good that it came out and the situation was exposed. This week as we honor the Civil Rights Movement, observe the 50 year anniversary of The March On Washington and as we think about and reflect upon those young people at lunch counters across the south who fought to end segregation in restaurants, it amazes us that this is still happening. We salute the family for coming forward with the info. We’re sure it’s a wake up call for many around the country…a much needed one indeed.

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