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Writer, director and TV producer Tyler Perry has a strong connection with church audiences. Much of the marketing of his movies and plays is done to the Sunday morning pew fillers, so this next video doesn’t come as a shock to us.

While attending Bishop TD Jakes‘ Megafest in Dallas, TX the Madea creator was moved to donate $1 Million to help Jakes build a youth center.

“I’ve just been touched to give $1 million,” Tyler Perry said in the Sunday morning service. “God I don’t know what you’re doing but I heard your voice. ”

Perry then drew screams of approval from the audience as he began speaking in tongues and said, ” When you hear the voice of God, you move.” His impromptu sermon ended with him laying his hands on Bishop Jakes saying,” I pray the Blood of Jesus will come upon you right now.”

Watch the video below:

Bishop Jakes still seemed in awe of the whole thing and Tweeted about it afterward:



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