​​ The city of Baltimore just got a little brighter after a photo of a teen praying over a homeless man went viral. Eric Gaines, a University of Maryland police officer, captured the moment last Tuesday while patrolling. After posting the image on Facebook, thousands praised the young man for the sweet gesture. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204917531772261&set=a.1572392763949.65963.1659444155&type=3&theater Speaking to […]

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Police are investigating the shooting of the victim, identified as Rev. William B. Schooler, a former educator and community organizer said to have deep roots in the Dayton community. His death and the arrest of his 68-year-old brother, Daniel Gregory Schooler, has shocked the community the pastor served.

The man who fatally stabbed E'Dena Hines, the step-granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, has been charged with murder.

The hits just keep on coming for Arian Foster. No one was surprised when he injured his groin on Thursday (Aug. 6) as soft-tissue injuries have become something of the norm for the Texans’ Running Back. But one to always shake things up a bit, Foster recently admitted to ESPN Magazine that he doesn’t believe […]

Rapper/mogul Jay Z has made rap music digestable for many people who wouldn’t normally be a fan of the genre. However, those same fans are a little posed off with the superstar rapper because of a piece of jewelry. Last week, Jay Z was spotted at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game with his wife Beyonce. […]

Just when you thought people couldn’t get any crazier about celebrities, this happens. A fundamentalist group has started a religion based on Kanye West. It’s called Yeezianity. Yes, you read correctly. It’s a religion based on Kanye and his ideals.   This anonymous group of people stated the religion after Kanye West released his album […]

  As much as people say you can’t cured from homosexuality, Antoine Dodson seems to be proving them wrong. The once homosexual is about to become a father to a child. yes, you read correctly. The “hide ya wife, hide ya kids” guy is about to have a baby with a woman. The former YouTube […]

  Writer, director and TV producer Tyler Perry has a strong connection with church audiences. Much of the marketing of his movies and plays is done to the Sunday morning pew fillers, so this next video doesn’t come as a shock to us. While attending Bishop TD Jakes‘ Megafest in Dallas, TX the Madea creator […]

When I tell you that the truth is more often stranger than fiction, I am so sincere. After becoming a YouTube celebrity with his famous “hide yo wife, hide yo kids” line, Antoine Dodson has renounced his homosexuality and has become part of the Hebrew Israelite religion. Yes, the man who once wore his hair […]