In a recent picture taken at the “Made In America” music festival, Beyonce and Amber Rose posed for a picture. The two married ladies discussed their new children getting hitched one day according to Ms. Khalifa who tweeted,



Most people would glance at the picture above and at the cute little tweet that Amber tweeted and think that was the story. However most people who assumed that would be what we like to call…wrong!

The story has quickly evolved into “What the hell is that upside down cross doing in the middle of Amber Rose’s face?” Because of that “Odd” tattoo, the talk has turned toward questioning if Amber Rose is now playing for the devils’ team or not? Folks are debating whether or not she is in the Illuminati or if she is just a regular old Satan worshiper.

So much for the cute story about the two Hip Hop kids becoming one Hip Hop couple for ever and always! We’ve actually heard people saying that if Beyonce was promising her child to a kid who’s mother was a devil worshiper according to the fresh marking in the middle of her forehead, then maybe she is playing for the devil as well! Wow!

We don’t know what Amber Rose is doing, or why on Earth she thought putting that thing smack dab in the middle of her face was a good idea! But what we do know is this, if she was trying to alienate people she did a damn good job of it!

Amber has taken up for herself by tweeting,



Hmmm…somehow we don’t think that is going to stop the talk…just saying.


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