How far would you go for love? In the romantic comedy “Peeples” Craig Robinson is Wade Walker, a humble pre-school teacher with a big heart courting a lawyer from an affluent family, Grace Peeples (played by Kerry Washington).

Wade has finally gotten up the nerve to ask Grace to marry him, but he wants to get her family’s blessing first.  The well-to-do Peeples, aka “The Chocolate Kennedys”,  are celebrating “Moby Dick Day” in Sag Harbor and Wade decides to show up unannounced. What follows is string of unlikely events that feels like a cross between  “Meet The Parents, “Wedding Crashers” and “Jumping The Broom.”

Here are five reasons you should make “Peeples” part of your movie collection.

5) Kerry Washington Takes Us To School

Grace and Wade like to keep things spicy in the bedroom. In one scene she dresses up in her old high school uniform and heels to please her man and you can hear here the jaws hit the floor.

Watch as Kerry tells TheUrbanDaily about what it takes to be sexy and still a feminist.

4) Craig Robinson Is a Fool For Love

Almost any man can relate to going that extra mile for the woman he loves. In “Peeples”  Wade Walker endures sexually aggressive dogs, burning teepees and more to get in Virgil’s good graces. Craig Robinson brings his own romantic instincts to the role and tells us in this clip about the craziest thing he’s ever done for love.

3) The Step Team Fail

Wade is a liar and habitual line stepper, but stepper he is not. When he and his brother Chris (Malcolm Barrett)  lie about being in Virgil’s fraternity , he is challenged to step and it is a disaster:

2) A Threesome Gone Wrong

Kerry’s sister Gloria (Kali Hawk) is on the fence about her sexuality, so Wade’s brother Chris offers to “let” her sleep with him to answer any doubts. Things don’t go quite as he hoped.

1) Drawers On The Floor

Grace’s brother  Simon is  a wannabe rapper and records an auto tuned ode to cascading feminine garments called “Drawers On The Floor”.  2 Chainz better watch his back!

“Peeples” will be available to own on DVD & Blu-Ray September 10th

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