Craig Robinson

New shows helmed by comedians Craig Robinson and Jerrod Carmichael have been green-lit by NBC and finally given an air-date. The network will premiere both shows on the night of August 5 and plans to move forward with the half-hour comedies as an hour-long block slated for Wednesday nights. The timing of the shared debut night is a hint that […]

Security was increased Monday at the University of Maryland after a caller left a disturbing voicemail detailing a threat against President Obama‘s niece, who was…

Nearly four years removed from the release of the original surprise hit, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is nearly here. While the goofy time-travel flick mined the ‘80s for comedy gold last time around, the new sequel launches the cast a decade into the future. With the movie set for theatrical release today, The Urban […]

  Actor Craig Robinson, known for his roles on “The Office” and in “Hot Tub Time Machine,” almost got a new role as a Bahamian prison inmate.  The actor/comedian was arrested in the Bahamas trying to board a plane with drugs on him. Robinson was on the island performing a comedy show at the Atlantis […]

How far would you go for love? In the romantic comedy “Peeples” Craig Robinson is Wade Walker, a humble pre-school teacher with a big heart courting a lawyer from an affluent family, Grace Peeples (played by Kerry Washington). Wade has finally gotten up the nerve to ask Grace to marry him, but he wants to […]

     Is this an odd combo? Probably not. Snoop Dogg (or Lion, or the Witch and Wardrobe, whatever he wants to be called today) will record with just about anybody and about anything. Remember when he was popping it like it was hot for hot pockets? Well, the rapper and actor/comedian have a song for […]

Meeting your significant other’s parents ranks right up there with public speaking and a root canal – both are painful and you can’t wait to get it over with.  In Tyler Perry’s “Peeples” Wade Walker (Craig Robinson) is ready to propose to his lady love Grace (Kerry Washington)  but won’t pop the question without meeting […]

In the new romantic comedy “Tyler Perry Presents Peeples” actor Craig Robinson shines in his first leading role as he wades through Hell and high water to impress the parents of his fiancee Kerry Washington. But what is the craziest thing the actor has done in real life to be a leading ladies man? Watch his off-the-wall […]

When you’re in a relationship, one of the most nerve-racking experiences is meeting their family. You can liken meeting your significant other’s family to being like a box of chocolates because you truly never know what you’re going to get. they might love you. They might think you aren’t right for their relative and put […]

Last night comedian Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine, Pineapple Express) appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show to plug The Last Comic Standing.

From Actor and comedian Craig Robinson is one of those guys in Hollywood; one of those guys whose real name is familiar to only pop culture/famous people aficionados. To the mildly aware, he is “Daryl Philbin” in NBC’s The Office, a role that went from guest appearance to starring role by the show’s fourth […]