When is “Scandal” coming back?  “Scandal” returns to the air on Thursday, Oct. 3—that’s when season 3 of the ABC drama, starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a political “fixer” in Washington, D.C. premieres. For “Scandal” fans, the fall 2013 season premiere can’t come soon enough, as the season 2 finale brought numerous surprises and raised anticipation for the coming round of episodes.

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As the Hollywood Reporter explains, the finale found Washington’s Olivia Pope character facing some tough professional and personal choices, as her relationship with President Fitzgerald Grant, played by Tony Goldwyn, continues to be a major crux of the beloved series. “Defiance team welcomed a shocking new member as Olivia was forced to make a heartbreaking decision about her relationship with Fitz,” the site writes to begin an article rife with spoilers.

“When is ‘Scandal’ coming back?” is a question ABC is glad to hear viewers asking, as it shows how much this hour-long drama—which centers on Washington’s crisis-management team—has struck a chord with viewers. Critics have also taken notice, and in 2013, Washington earned a 2013 Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. What’s more, Dan Bucatinsky grabbed a nod for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, thanks to his role as James Novak, a noted gay journalist who’s also the husband of Cyrus Rutherford Beene, the White House chief of staff.

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The fact that the answer to the question, “When is ‘Scandal’ coming back?” is Oct. 3—right around the corner—is good news for numerous TV bloggers and critics, and in a review for HitFix, writer Alan Sepinwall praised the show, as well as creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes, helping to build buzz for the season 3 premiere.

“When ‘Scandal’ debuted last spring, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, beyond recognizing that Kerry Washington had the goods to carry a series and Shonda Rhimes had fashioned an excellent role for her,” he writes, revealing himself to be the type of fan who’s probably spent the summer anticipating the “Scandal” season 3 premiere on Oct. 3. “This season, though, Rhimes has kicked the show up to another level by ditching the Crisis of the Week procedural format in favor of reinventing ‘Scandal’ as a gonzo hybrid of conspiracy thriller and high-stakes soap opera, involving election rigging, a presidential assassination attempt, a failed internal White House coup, and all sorts of other crazy shenanigans. It’s ludicrous on virtually every level; it’s also an enormous amount of fun, thanks to the writing and the performances.”

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