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    Tonight’s Scandal was all about the twists and turns of getting Cyrus and Michael to the church on time. Cyrus’ fake fiancé, Michael, got caught doing the most at a popular gay bar, and when the evidence showed up on Instagram Olivia demanded that Cyrus and he get married immediately, and in a big way. […]

Tonight’s Scandal threatened to bring a slew of major players to their knees and revealed a side of Olivia we hadn’t seen before. Abby retained Olivia’s services to have a tell-all book detailing her lover Leo’s and others’ dirty sex secrets shut down. Sue, the author, turned the tables on Liv and demanded $3 million. Mellie announced […]

Fitz officially introduced Susan as the new VP. Susan, however, was not quite ready for prime time. Olivia returned to work to try to find out where her neighbor, Lois’, body was dumped after she was murdered. Huck’s wife, Kim, showed up at David Rosen’s office with a stack of B613 files, saying she had […]

Mellie presented Andrew with an amnesty agreement pending Olivia’s safe return.  Andrew promised Mellie that he would go to any and all lengths to make sure she never became president. During a debriefing, it was revealed that, due to Olivia’s security clearance, the price for her release would be extremely high, bringing to light all […]

  Abby pressed Huck and Quinn about Liv’s whereabouts, and got the cold shoulder.  Huck reminded her she was no longer a Gladiator. Fitz called in Jake to help find Olivia, while Ian prepped her to work with him. Olivia was auctioned on the “dark net,” with bidding begun by an unknown group of terrorists. […]

  Scandal is back, and tonight’s episode was one of the most nerve-wracking ever! Olivia was snatched at the end of the winter finale, and as soon as Jake discovered she was gone he ran out of her apartment–in his underwear–to chase after her.  Jake watched as a car sped away, presumably with Liv in it, […]

Olivia Pope’s lip has been trembling on 100 this season. It’s pretty much what Kerry Washington has been known for in “Scandal.” We’ve decided to compile some of the best of Olivia’s lip quivers from the show. Enjoy! Like TheUrbanDaily.com on Facebook! MORE LINKS ‘Scandal’ Got Clever With Hiding Kerry Washington’s Baby Bump 8 Sexiest Scenes From “Scandal” [VIDEO] […]

“Scandal” fans rejoice!  The Pope family has been expanded with the addition of actress Khandi Alexander, who will play Liv’s mom, Maya Lewis.  Alexander is no stranger to primetime; the talented actress was recently seen on the HBO drama “Treme” (2010-2012),  and was a series regular on “CSI: Miami” as Dr. Alexx Woods from 2002-2009. […]

It’s not easy playing the most powerful man of the free world, but “Scandal” star Tony Goldwyn has put a spell on millions of fans as the handsome, charming and manipulative President Fitzgerald Grant III.  The “will they or won’t they” love affair between Fitz and crisis manager Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)  is must see tv” on […]

Here comes the hell and high water! Last week’s season premiere of “Scandal” broke records with 10.3 million viewers and over 700,000 tweets.  Scandaholics were glued to their television screens as they  witnessed the epic showdown between Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and newly revealed daddy, Rowan Pope. RELATED: “Scandal” Review: Daddy Knows Best [Season 3, […]

Last week on the hit series “Scandal,”  Joe Morton, aka Rowan Pope, gave audiences full of adoring fans a dose of the Holy Ghost in their living rooms when he read his home-wrecking daughter the wrath of God for getting busted sleeping with the POTUS.  He offered her a one-way exit strategy and ended his […]

After a three month hiatus, last night’s season premiere of “Scandal” hit the ground running.  When we last saw Olivia Pope, her secret affair with Fitz had been leaked to the press and jaws dropped around the nation with the reveal that  shadowy government operative Rowan was actually her long lost father. READ: 5 Things […]